Bill Gates is now the 5th Richest man on Earth

Bill Gates is now the 5th Richest man on Earth. Bill gates have been as the richest person on Earth for over a long period of time. While attending Harvard University in 1975, Bill Gates went to work alongside his childhood friend Paul Allen to develop new software for the original microcomputers. Following this project’s success, Gates dropped out of Harvard in his junior year and went on to found Microsoft with Allen.

After hanging up his shows as active Microsoft CEO, his position declined. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk are top of the list on the leaderboard. Now, after finally settling his Divorce last week, Bill Gates is the 5th richest person on Earth, he ranks just below Mark Zuckerberg.

Richest man on Earth

His Ex-Wife Melinda Gates is now worth an estimated $5.7 billion as she gets stocks transferred as a part of a divorce settlement. Gates’s current worth is $129.6 billion (according to Forbes). Bill Gates investment company transferred nearly $2.4 billion worth of stocks to Melinda on Thursday, reports Bloomberg on Monday. According to SEC filings, Melinda received 3.3 Million shares of AutoNation and now owns 8.8% of the company. Now He is a 5th richest man on Earth.

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