Albanian teens develop app for domestic violence victims

Three Albanian 16-year-old girls have developed an application to help victims of domestic violence victims access support, planning to handle a gigantic issue in Albania, where one of every two ladies endured misuse a year ago, as indicated by a survey.

They will dispatch their application, known as GjejZâ, (Find your Voice), on Friday, in the wake of winning a worldwide innovation rivalry for girls in the United States.

“Violence against women is a huge issue in Albania and it also affects us as teenage girls because we see the early stages of this even in our peers, in our friends,” said Jonada Shukarasi, one of the developers. it has been a great effort that has done by Albanian teens to develop app for domestic violence victims.

Albanian teens develop app for domestic violence victims

One of every two women endures brutality in Albania, said Iris Luarasi, the leader of a national hotline for mishandled ladies, refering to a 2018 review, and 4,000 cases were accounted for in 2018.

Another report by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) found very nearly 9 of every 10 ladies believe savagery against ladies to be common in Albania, and that 97% of victims of cozy in-house viciousness never report it to the police.

Known as the D3c0ders, the young ladies – Arla Hoxha, Dea Rrozhani and Jonada Shukarasi – figured out how to code and make applications four years prior through an effort program kept running by the US Embassy in Tirana.

Updates on their honor in the Technovation Challenge rivalry has fed national pride in Albania, an ex-socialist nation that is presently a NATO part trying to join the European Union.

The young girls have gotten across the board inclusion and congrats from senior government authorities.

The current year’s opposition expected members to assemble an application that handled social issues, so the young ladies chose to concentrate on sexual orientation based brutality. They worked with clinicians, a representative inside clergyman and ladies’ issues specialists.

“Find your Voice” has become not only our motto, but the message we want to convey to all Albanian women,” said Rrozhani.

“GjejZâ helps women fight gender-based violence in three easy steps by identifying the problem, empowering the user and enabling them to take action,” she said.

Clients answer a progression of inquiries which causes them distinguish in the event that if they are victims of domestic violence, and the application offers them declarations from women who have gotten away misuse and support to report it.

The extent of the application is enormous – it gives breathing activities to support women, interfaces them to state authorities in each town who can enable them to verify controlling requests and access benefits. It likewise exhorts on work openings and sanctuaries.

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