A clan system could be coming to PUBG on PC

Player Unknown’s Battle ground (PUBG) has just barely revealed its most latest update however future-centered dataminers may have just found what could be next in the PC version of the Battle Royale game: PUBG on PC

According to PlayerIGN, the clan system isn’t free, precisely, as you’ll require 5,000 BP to set one up. Clan names will be constrained to 2-15 characters, while the abbreviated tag doesn’t offer a lot of decision with just 2-4 characters. It’s accepted there’ll be a 20 member limit, which may be the reason there’s likewise a committed area for recruits and resumes. It’s likewise figured clans might be connected to the upcoming positioned mode, as there’s a “no clan” mark for the Leaderboard.

As yet there’s no clues on when the feature may be presented, yet given a comparative system was presented for mobile players in July 2018, it’s not tremendously amazing a comparable system is coming to PC and console, as well: PUBG on PC

Given clans were introduced to the mobile version of PUBG game over a year back, it is anything but a colossal jump to imagine them working in the PC and console versions. When (and in the event that) they may be presented, be that as it may, remains unknown. It might be worth drawing up a shortlist of names, slogans and individuals now in preparation.

The most feature reel worthy change to PUBG update 5.1 – which hit PC on October 23 and consoles on October 29 – is the capacity to throw all skirmish weapons: you could even get a one-hit distance kill with your flying pan if your aim is correct and your rival’s nearby enough.

Other huge changes coming incorporate throwing supportive things to partners (turns out there’s a ton of throwing in this patch), critical modifications to the Miramar map, the unexpected appearance of vending machines, and obviously a lot of new stuff to earn from the most recent Survivor Pass. If a teammate uses a radio message to request healing or ammo, a button prompt will show up over their head to automatically lob over anything they desired, straight into their stock. You can throw items to 15 meters, and if they’re moving excessively quick or their inventories are full the thing will arrive close to their feet: PUBG on PC

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